14 Mar 2017

ITF President attends Dubai Development Seminar

News Article

President Dave Haggerty at the West Asia Development Seminar

With the goal of familiarising the National Associations in West Asia with the new tennis development initiatives and discussing their activities, goals and challenges, the West Asia Development Seminar took place in Dubai on 2 March.

The seminar, hosted by Tennis Emirates at the Roda Al Bustan Hotel, was opened officially by HH Hasher Maktoum Jumah Al Maktoum, President of Tennis Emirates.

Following the president, Sara Baker, General Secretary of Tennis Emirates and ATF Vice-President for West Asia, spoke about the overall situation of tennis in the region and made the welcome speech.

The ITF President, David Haggerty, as well as the ATF President, Anil Khanna, both attended the seminar, providing a great opportunity for nations to meet them in person and discuss their views, questions and queries.

Haggerty made a presentation on the ITF’s long-term strategy, ITF 2024, and said afterwards: "It was a pleasure for me to attend the seminar and meet with the delegates from the national federations in West Asia. This allowed me to find out more about the nature of tennis in the region and make sure that national federations work in line with the new strategies, ITF 2024, and are familiar with the new development initiatives." 

Anil Khanna also spoke about the activities in Asia, including the ATF and training camps in Bangkok and Delhi, emphasising the importance of developing players in the region for them to have every opportunity to reach the highest levels of performance possible.

Amir Borghei, the ITF Development Officer for West and Central Asia, made presentations on the progress of the ITF and ATF projects in the region and presented a brief review of the development activities performed by each nation. All the representatives also had the time to discuss their activities and questions to both presidents of the ITF and ATF.

National Associations' Standards and the four ITF Development Pillars (Participation, Coaching, Events and Programs) were the other topics presented and discussed in this seminar.

The following people attended the seminard: Sheikh Ahmed Jaber Al-Sabah, President of the Kuwait Tennis Federation and the life time honorary President of the ATF, Majid Shayesteh President of the Iran Tennis Federation, Khalid Ali Saif Al-Adi President of the Oman Tennis Association, Hazem Adas, President of the Jordan Tennis Federation, Tawfiq Yahya Moafa President of the Saudi Arabia Tennis Federation, Oliver Faysal, President of the Lebanese Tennis Federation, Mohammed Al-Surmi, President of the Yemen Tennis Federation, Aso Adil Mohieddin, President of the Iraq Tennis Federation as well as Fuad Alrowaie, GS of the Bahrain Tennis Federation, Abdul Redha Al-Ghareeb GS of Kuwait Tennis Federation, Alain Sayegh GS of the Lebanese Tennis Federation and Karim Alami BOD member of Qatar Tennis Federation.