Coach Education Programme

The aims of the ITF Coach Education Programme are to help National Associations create their own coach education programme so that they can become self-sufficient in this area as well as to improve the level of tennis coaching throughout the world.

To achieve these aims, the ITF has numerous resources which can be accessed by National Associations and coaches, and which are summarised below:

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To receive ITF assistance, National Associations must have a 5-year plan in place.  For further information on this, please click here.


Each year, on average 68 countries worldwide participate in the ITF Coach Education programme by organising a course for their coaches. The ITF can assist with the training of coaches through a variety of formats, but in general, the ITF provides the syllabi for use by member nations who do not currently have a system of certifying coaches, a qualified expert to conduct the course and the necessary course manuals.

The recommended syllabi listed above (which are available in English, French and Spanish) have been compiled with the assistance of the ITF Coaches Commission and Coaching Departments of some of the world’s most successful tennis nations.  The quality of these syllabi is demonstrated by the fact that they are currently being used by more than 120 ITF member nations.  These ready-made syllabi make it easier for National Associations to introduce their own system of coach education.

Following completion of the course, candidates are assessed to determine whether they have reached the required standard. Those candidates who pass are then certified by their own National Association and the qualification may also be recognised by the appropriate Regional Association.


Regional Coaches Conferences by BNP Paribas

Regional Coaches Conferences are held every two years in Asia, South America, Central America/Caribbean and Africa, while in Europe the event is held on an annual basis.  These are major conferences involving top level international speakers and are designed to provide a forum on coach education for the top coaches of specific regions.

Worldwide Coaches Conference by BNP Paribas

This biennial showpiece of the ITF Coach Education Programme brings together the world’s top coaches from over 80 nations and focuses on high-level player development with presentations on the most up-to-date sport science and medical information and practical on-court coaching.

Olympic Solidarity

Since the reintroduction of tennis into the Olympic family at Seoul in 1988, tennis has benefited considerably from funding for projects through the Olympic Solidarity Programmes.

These programmes, which are available to all sports that form part of the Olympics, operate through the National Olympic Committees and Regional Olympic Committees as appropriate, and are funded from part of the profits generated by the Olympic Games.

Olympic Solidarity has sent to all National Olympic Committees information (in English, French and Spanish) on the various programmes (for players, coaches and administrators) and funding available for the period 2013 - 2016.

There are three programmes which relate to coaching, as follows:

1.  Technical Courses for Coaches
2.  Olympic Scholarships for Coaches
3.  Development of a National Sports Structure

In order to benefit from Olympic Solidarity funding, it is important for National Associations to continue to build and maintain good relations with their National Olympic Committees and that they discuss with them on a regular basis the possibility of tennis benefiting from some of the above mentioned programmes.

Please click on the PDF document below for a downloadable ITF Coach Education Programme brochure, available in English.


9 - 16 April
ITF Coaching High Performance Players Course - Cali, Colombia
10 - 21 April
ITF/OS Coaching Advanced Players course (module 2) - Skopje, Macedonia
12 - 23 April
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Muscat, Oman
15 - 25 April
ITF/OS Regional Coaching Advanced Players Course - Shymkent, Kazakhstan
18 - 21 April
ITF Play Tennis Course - Peru
25 - 29 April
ITF Short Courses - Brazil
1 - 12 May
ITF Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Guayaquil, Ecuador
13 - 24 May
ITF Coaching Advanced Players Course - Quito, Ecuador
19 - 30 May
ITF/OS Coaching Advanced Players Course - Bridgetown, Barbados
22 - 26 May
ITF Short Courses - Uruguay & Paraguay
31 May - 7 June
ITF Coaching High Performance Players Course - Peru
1 - 12 June
ITF Coaching Advanced Players Course - Colombia
20 - 31 August
ITF/OS Coaching Advanced Players Course - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
dates tbc
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


All ITF Courses are run through the national tennis association in each country, and the qualification gained at the end of the course represents a qualification recognised by the national association, not an ITF qualification. The ITF do not certify coaches. Through the ITF Coach Education programme, the ITF assists national tennis associations which do not already have a certification system in place to run their own coaches courses.

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