Coaching Framework

Toward a Common Language for Coaching Universal access to media and ease of worldwide travel have encouraged the exchange of ideas and international competitions in modern sport. Still missing from the global landscape, however, is a single source all nations can refer to for one of the most important roles in sport: Coaching.

Version 1.1 of the International Sport Coaching Framework is an attempt to fill that void and to establish a current, shared coaching reference point covering these areas:

• Roles and responsibilities assumed by coaches and the tools they need in order to fulfill them.

• Coaching certification and the development of more relevant qualifications.

• Developments in coaching that meet the needs of athletes and sporting organisations.

• Information to guide decisions on policy and legislation regarding coaching.

The International Council for Coaching Excellence and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations have launched this initiative and enthusiastically welcome all interested organisations and individuals to join in. We expect that national and international sport federations responsible for coach education, government departments, educational institutions and agencies offering coach education, coaches and coach developers will embrace this opportunity.