Technical Courses for Coaches

The objective of this programme is to offer training for coaches in all Olympic Sports.  Coach Education has been one of the main areas of activity and during the period 2009 – 2012, 104 of the 296 courses organised by the ITF were funded through Olympic Solidarity (OS).  Of the113 courses held in 2013 and 2014, 45 of these were funded by Olympic Solidarity.

Olympic Solidarity will only support courses that follow a structure utilising approved International Federation syllabi (e.g.  Level 1, Level 2, etc.).

National Associations wishing to benefit from an OS technical course grant should contact their National Olympic Committee (NOC) directly to apply for funding, as each year the NOCs will receive a budget from Olympic Solidarity for “national” technical courses.  Once funding is approved, the ITF will then arrange the course in consultation with the relevant National Association.

In addition, Olympic Solidarity also supports regional courses.  In these cases, the ITF liaises directly with OS to propose the organisation of these courses on a regional basis and therefore, in the first instance, National Associations should liaise with the relevant ITF Development Officer regarding hosting a regional course.

The types of ITF coaches courses that can be considered for OS Technical Course grants are as follows:

Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course 
Coaching Advanced Players Course
-  Coaching High Performance Players Course

For more information on the above courses please refer to the relevant sections on this website.

For guidelines on applying for OS funding to host an ITF Coaches Course, please click on the relevant PDF documents below.


23 July - 3 August
ITF Regional Level 2 Coaches Course - Colombo, Sri Lanka
9 - 11 August
10th ITF Southern African Regional Coaches Conference - Sun City, South Africa
17 - 20 August
ITF Play Tennis Course - Nairobi, Kenya
6 - 9 September
2nd ITF Caribbean Regional Coaches Conference - Port of Spain, Trinidad
8 - 25 September
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Humacao, Puerto Rico
26 - 29 September
9th ITF Central American Regional Coaches Conference - Querétaro, Mexico
15 - 17 October
ITF West & Central Asia Regional Coaches Conference - Tehran, Iran
17 - 28 October
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Maseru, Lesotho
20 - 22 October
2016 Tennis Europe Coaches Conference - Antwerp, Belgium
24 - 27 October
ITF North African Regional Coaches Conference - Oran, Algeria
29 October - 1 November
ITF Asian Regional Coaches Conference - Guangzhou, China
1 - 4 November
16th ITF South American Regional Coaches Conference - Santa Marta, Colombia
7 - 18 December
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea