Tennis Research Grants

Biomechanics research funded by the ITF- Testing

On court testing during a biomechanics research project funded by the ITF

It is the aim of the ITF Tennis Development Department  to support tennis specific research and knowledge in the areas of: Sports Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Sports Pedagogy and Sports Medicine.

The ITF Research Grants Programme supports research specific to tennis, conducted by individuals who are independently, or in conjunction with academic institutions, exploring information related to the teaching or playing of tennis.  The ITF Research Grants programme aims to support relevant tennis research that can have a genuine impact on the game globally.

Classification of research assistance

The ITF Research Grants Programme makes available two types of research assistance:

1.  Primary research grants
2.  Publication translation grants

A detailed description of both types of assistance, including the contractual obligations of the researcher, is provided in the PDF document below.