Author Guidelines

The ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review welcomes authors, academics and coaches to submit articles for publication in future issues. Submission details are outlined below to assist authors with article preparation. Articles that do not attempt to adhere to the below guidelines will be promptly rejected by the Editorial Board.

ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review considers for publication original research, review papers, opinion pieces, short reports, technical notes, topical lectures and letters in the disciplines of medicine, physiotherapy, anthropometry, biomechanics and technique, conditioning, methodology, management and marketing, motor performance, nutrition, psychology, physiology, sociology, statistics, tactics, training systems, and others, having specific and practical applications to tennis coaching. The intended readership of the publication is directed to all those involved in, and interested in coaching methodology and
sport sciences relating to tennis.

Articles should be word-processed preferably using Microsoft Word, but other Microsoft compatible formats are accepted. The length of the article should be no more than 1,500 words, with a maximum of 4 photographs to be attached.  Manuscripts should be typed, double spaced with wide margins for A4-size paper. All pages should be numbered.

Papers should, where possible and appropriate, follow the conventional form: abstract, introduction, main part (methods and procedures, results, discussion / review of the literature, proposals-drills-exercises), conclusions and references.

Diagrams should be done using Microsoft Power Point or any other Microsoft compatible software. Tables and figures should be relevant to the paper and should have self explanatory captions. They should be inserted in the text. Images should be high quality and attached seperately in a compatible format such as ".jpeg". Low quality images will be rejected promptly.

Papers should include between 5 and 15 references that should be included (author/s, year) where they occur in the text. At the end of the paper the whole reference should be listed alphabetically under the heading ‘References’ using the APA citation norms. Please refer to for guidelines and tutorials. Headings should be typed in bold and upper case. Acknowledgement should be made of any research grant source. Up to four
keywords should also be given and the corresponding author contact details.

Clarity of expression should be an objective of all authors. The emphasis of the paper should be on communication with a wide international coaching readership. Papers can be submitted in English, French and Spanish.

When submitting articles authors should indicate their name(s), nationality, academic qualification(s) and representation of an institution or organisation that they wish to appear in the paper.

Articles may be submitted at any time of the year for consideration for future publication. Articles should be sent by e-mail to Miguel Crespo, ITF Development Research Officer, to the following e-mail address: In calling for papers, the Editors ask that contributors adhere strictly to the guidelines. Views expressed by contributors are their own and not necessarily those of the Editors or publisher.

Manuscripts with insufficient priority or quality for publication are rejected promptly. Other manuscripts are reviewed by the editors and associate editor and in some instances, articles are sent for external review to expert consultants on the editorial board. Author identities are known by reviewers. The existence of a manuscript under review is not revealed to anyone other than peer reviewers and editorial staff.

International Tennis Federation, Ltd.
Development and Coaching Department.
Tel./Fax. 34 96 3486190
Address: Avda. Tirso de Molina, 21, 6º - 21, 46015, Valencia (España)

Miguel Crespo, PhD. and Luca Santilli.

Richard Sackey-Addo, MSc.

Alexander Ferrauti, PhD. (Bochum University, Germany)
Andres Gómez (Federación Ecuatoriana de Tenis, Ecuador)
Ann Quinn, PhD. (Quinnesential Coaching, UK)
Anna Skorodumova PhD. (Institute of Physical Culture, Russia)
Babette Pluim, M.D. PhD. (Royal Dutch Tennis Association, The Netherlands)
Bernard Pestre (French Tennis Federation, France)
Boris Sobkin (Russian Tennis Federation, Russia)
Brian Hainline, M.D. (United States Tennis Association, USA)
Bruce Elliott, PhD. (University Western Australia, Australia)
Cesar Kist (Confederaçao Brasileira de Ténis, Brazil)
David Sanz, PhD. (Real Federación Española de Tenis, Spain)
Debbie Kirkwood (Tennis Canada, Canada)
E. Paul Roetert, PhD. (AAHPERD, USA)
Frank van Fraayenhoven (Royal Dutch Tennis Association, The Netherlands)
Geoff Quinlan (Tennis Australia, Australia)
Hani Nasser (Egyptian Tennis Federation, Egypt)
Hans-Peter Born (German Tennis Federation, Germany)
Hemant Bendrey (All India Tennis Association, India)
Hichem Riani (Confederation of African Tennis, Tunisia)
Hyato Sakurai (Japan Tennis Association, Japan)
Janet Young, Ph.D. (Victoria University, Australia)
Kamil Patel (Mauritius Tennis Federation, Mauritius)
Karl Weber, M.D. (Cologne Sports University, Germany)
Kathleeen Stroia (Womens Tennis Association, USA)
Louis Cayer (Lawn Tennis Association, UK)
Machar Reid, PhD. (Tennis Australia, Australia)
Mark Kovacs, PhD. (United States Tennis Association, USA)
Ms Larissa Schaerer (Federación Paraguaya de Tenis, Paraguay)
Ms Yayuk Basuki (Indonesian Tennis Association, Indonesia)
Patrick McEnroe (United States Tennis Association, USA)
Per Renstrom, PhD. (Association of Tennis Professionals, USA)
Stuart Miller, PhD. (International Tennis Federation, UK)
Tito Vázquez (Asociación Argentina de Tenis, Argentina)

ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review is published tri-annually in the months
of April, August and December.

Please note that all articles commissioned for ITF Coaching & Sport Science
Review may also be used on the ITF’s official website. The ITF reserves the right
to edit such articles as appropriate for the website. All articles online will receive
the same credit as in ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review.

All materials are copyright. On acceptance for publication, copyright passes to
the publisher. Submission of a manuscript for publication involves the assurance
that it has not been and will not be published elsewhere. The responsibility for
ensuring this rests with authors. Authors who breach this assurance will be
ineligible for future publication in ITF CSSR.

ITF CSSR is indexed in the following databases: DIALNET, DOAJ, EBSCO HOST, SOCOLAR, SPORT DISCUS, LATINDEX