Regional Coaches Conferences

ITF Asian Regional Coaches Conference 2014

The ITF Regional Coaches Conferences by BNP Paribas form a very important element of the ITF’s Coach Education Programme. The events are organised in conjunction with the Regional Associations and are often supported by Olympic Solidarity.  They are held every two years in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, while in Europe the event is held on an annual basis.

The Conferences feature top-level international speakers and are designed to provide a forum on coach education for the top coaches from each region.  The Conferences typically deal with a variety of topics from high level player development to strategies for increasing tennis participation.

The events are open to coaches from each particular region.  Coaches interested in attending should approach their National Associations to be nominated to participate.

The next editions of the ITF Regional Coaches Conferences will be held in the autumn of 2016, as follows:

  • ITF Southern African Regional Coaches Conference: Sun City, South Africa from 9 to 11 August

  • ITF Caribbean Regional Coaches Conference: Trinidad from 6 to 9 September

  • ITF Central American Regional Coaches Conference: Queretaro, Mexico from 26 to 29 September

  • 2016 Tennis Europe Coaches Conference: Antwerp, Belgium from 20 to 22 October

  • ITF Asian Regional Coaches Conference: Guangzhou, China from 29 October to 1 November

  • ITF South American Regional Coaches Conference: Santa Marta, Colombia from 1 to 4 November.

Regional Conferences for West Asia and North Africa are still in the process of being confirmed.

When full information on all of these conferences becomes available, it will be posted on the appropriate regional page which you can access via the links below:

Central American RCC

Caribbean RCC

South American RCC

Asian RCC

North Africa & West Asia RCC

Southern African RCC

On these pages, you can also access summaries of presentations from previous editions of the conferences.

Those National Associations interested in hosting an ITF Regional Coaches Conference can download the Guidelines for Hosting by clicking on the PDF document below.