The ITF Coaching Advanced Players Course is competency based.  One of the components of all competency based educational programmes is the need for the candidate to complete a series of workbooks. These workbooks have been designed to assist the candidate on their journey to becoming a coach of advanced players.

The activities you will cover during the course are outlined in these workbooks.  There are also sections where the candidate can reflect on their coaching knowledge and skills and how they think they are doing at different stages of the course.

The ITF Coaching Advanced Players Course is made up of four units.  The assessment tasks for many of the units have been integrated (that is, several performance criteria from several units are assessed at the same time). This Off-Court Workbook focuses on all units of competency.

It is recommended that candidates bring these workbooks to all on- and off-court sessions and it should serve as a useful resource in completing their course assessment tasks and during their coaching career.  It is up to the course organisers to decide to what extent these workbooks should be considered a substantial part of the course.

The workbooks for this course are the PDF documents below which can be downloaded.