The Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course (Level 1 course) is divided into a three-day Play Tennis course and a nine-day tennis course.

The goal of the Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course is to give candidates the skills required to introduce people to tennis through mini-tennis, to coach players up to junior competition level and also to promote tennis at a grass-roots level.

Participants are usually physical education school teachers, tennis coaches or officials. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a minimum level of play (e.g. ability to rally / demonstrate basic strokes / feed balls to student) and undertake several exams including an individual lesson test, a group lesson test, a tennis playing / demonstration test and a written theory test.

All Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course documents are available below as PDF documents.


All ITF Courses are run through the national tennis association in each country, and the qualification gained at the end of the course represents a qualification recognised by the national association, not an ITF qualification. The ITF do not certify coaches. Through the ITF Coach Education programme, the ITF assists national tennis associations which do not already have a certification system in place to run their own coaches courses.

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