ITF Play Tennis Course (Updated Summer 2015)

In 2007 the ITF officially launched a global campaign aimed at increasing tennis participation worldwide. The ITF Tennis Play and Stay campaign aims to promote tennis as easy, fun and healthy, and to ensure all beginner players are able to serve, rally and score from the first lesson through the use of slower red, orange and green balls and smaller courts.

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The ITF Tennis Play and Stay campaign is a fundamental part of the ITF Play Tennis course. The ITF Play Tennis course was updated in September 2015 and is a now stand-alone introductory level tennis coaching qualification that is delivered through the member National Tennis Associations of the ITF. The ITF Play Tennis Course is:

  • a 28-hour course to be delivered over four-days*.
  • coordinated and delivered by an approved ITF tutor.
  • assessed by means of a short ‘multiple-choice’ written test at the conclusion of the course.
  • an introductory level tennis coaching course that is recommended by the ITF to acquire the necessary competencies suitable for the entry to ITF Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Players course.
  • available to Colleges or Universities to use as part of a wider sports or coaching-related curriculum. In some nations, the ITF Play Tennis course may qualify students to teach ITF Tennis10s in schools (10-and-under tennis), or to be an assistant tennis coach working closely with a qualified ITF Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Coach or the recognised National Tennis Association equivalent qualified coach.

*Where there is a requirement by the National Tennis Association, an ‘optional’ practical assessment of participants can be added, with the course extended to five-days.

The aim of the ITF Play Tennis course is to help participants understand how to introduce tennis to beginner level players of all ages, organising and delivering tennis sessions in a fun and effective learning environment. The ITF Play Tennis course is suitable for:

  • individuals ie, 16-years-and-older, who are new to tennis coaching or looking to begin their coaching career pathway.
  • school teachers, coaching assistants, volunteers and for parents who have little or no experience in tennis coaching, but who would like to know how to effectively introduce tennis to young and adult beginner players.
  • existing coaches who would like more ideas on how to organise and teach young and adult beginner players.

At the conclusion of the ITF Play Tennis course the participants will:

  • be able to work with young beginner players ie, 10-and-under children and adult beginner players ie, ITN 10.
  • have knowledge of the basic games situations (phases of play), tactical intentions (strategy and tactics)
  • have knowledge of the relevant technical instruction to provide to the beginner playersbe able to organise simple competitions
  • be able to use a variety of scoring and competition formats, using the correct equipment and court sizes, and ensure that all the beginner players are able to play the game from their first experience.

National Associations interested in hosting a course should refer to the PDF document below entitled ‘ITF Play Tennis Course – Guidelines for Hosting a Course’.

Please also find below all the course documents which can be downloaded as PDFs.


All ITF Courses are run through the national tennis association in each country, and the qualification gained at the end of the course represents a qualification recognised by the national association, not an ITF qualification. The ITF do not certify coaches. Through the ITF Coach Education programme, the ITF assists national tennis associations which do not already have a certification system in place to run their own coaches courses.

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