When do the ITF conduct coaching courses and how can I participate?

All current ITF courses are listed on the homepage of our website at http://en.coaching.itftennis.com/ but please note that the courses are run through the national tennis association in each country, and the qualification gained at the end of the course represents a qualification recognised by the national association, not an ITF qualification.  The ITF does not certify coaches.  Through the ITF Coach Education Programme, the ITF assists national tennis associations which do not already have a certification system in place to run their own coaches courses.  The ITF provides the recommended syllabus and the tutor but the certification obtained at the end of the course is a National Association Certification, not an ITF certification.

Please also note that all participants on ITF courses have to be nominated by the national tennis association hosting the course (i.e. they cannot apply directly to the ITF to be on a course).  As soon as a course is confirmed the information is put up on the ITF Coaching website but all applications to host / attend a course have to come from the national tennis association.

How do I contact my National Association?

The details of all national associations are available via the
National Association Index on the homepage of the Coaching website.

How can I participate in a Regional Coaches Conference or a Worldwide Coaches Conference?

To participate in a Regional Coaches Conference you must contact your National Association who will submit entries to the conference organisers.  Information on how to contact your National Association can be found above.

To participate in a Worldwide Coaches Conference, you should register through the dedicated conference website which can be accessed through the ‘Conferences’ tab on this site.  Once registered, the ITF will send notification to your National Association in order for them to approve your entry.

What is a Regional Coaches Conference as opposed to a Worldwide Coaches Conference?

The ITF Regional Coaches Conferences (RCCs) are run every second year, in the year that falls between the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference. The conferences are named ‘Regional’ conferences due to the fact that they take place in separate regions/continents of the world.  The six regions are: Europe, Asia, Southern Africa, North Africa & West Asia, Central America & the Caribbean and South America.  These conferences are typically smaller events than the flagship Worldwide Coaches Conference but provide attendees with international expert speakers and presentations, much like the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference.

My country has received ITF recognition.  Does that mean I am now an ITF Coach?

During 2011 the ITF launched a new project which looked to recognise those national coach education systems that have met certain minimum standards as per criteria agreed by the ITF Coaches Commission.  The primary purpose of the recognition process is to ensure that ITF member nations are reaching adequate standards in their Coach Education Programme.

The recognition of a nation’s Coach Education system, does not however, result in you, as a coach, being ITF certified as the ITF does not certify coaches directly.  Instead the ITF produces coaching materials and syllabi in a number of key languages which our member nations can use to establish or improve Coach Education in their respective countries.

I would like to move to another country to coach. Therefore I would like ‘equivalence’ for my current coaching qualification.  Can the ITF help me with this?

The ITF cannot provide ‘equivalence’ for coaching qualifications across nations.  Parties wishing to gain equivalence in a respective country must contact the National Association of the respective nation.  A coach will then usually be required to submit the relevant documentation and qualifications and the National Association in question will assess how their qualifications fit within their coaching framework before making a decision as to which level to award a coach.  This decision rests entirely with the National Association, not the ITF.

How do I access the monthly newsletter?

The monthly newsletter is available on the Coaching website.  You can subscribe to the monthly newsletter and then you will receive it via email in the first week of every month.


How can I subscribe to Coaching & Sport Science Review (CSSR)?

There is no method of subscription for the CSSR as it is available free of charge in an electronic PDF format.  The latest edition can be accessed via the Coaching website, as can previous editions.

Latest CSSR

However, if you subscribe to the monthly newsletter you will receive the link to the latest CSSR when it is published.

How do I get an article published in the ITF CSSR or on the ITF Coaching website?

If you wish to have an article considered for publication in the ITF CSSR or on the Coaching website please email your article to: coaching@itftennis.com

The word limit for CSSR articles is approximately 1500 words.  However there is no word limit for online articles which are published on the ITF Coaching website.  Articles for either submission route should be submitted in Microsoft Word format with any relevant images and auxiliary files attached separately.

How can I work for the ITF as a trainer or a coach?

The ITF has a limited number of job opportunities for coaches and trainers.  However, upon the request of national associations, we do publicise their vacancies for coaches and/or trainers in the monthly newsletter.  In order to be considered for a role with the ITF, you should have first been working for your National Association.

How can I be an ITF tutor or a speaker at a conference?

If you want to be an ITF tutor, you should have first been a tutor for your National Association or at a university.  Candidates should have presented at national or international conferences/workshops and have an appropriate coaching or academic qualification. If you fill these requirements please email your resume (must be in English) to Miguel Crespo: miguel.crespo@itftennis.com

Your resume will then be examined by the ITF and in the case of an opening, you will be contacted.

How can I get an ITF research grant?

The ITF offers two types of research grants:

1. Research Grants
This type of grant can either take the form of:
a) financial assistance provided to researchers towards the cost of salaries, travel, equipment and/or materials.
b) logistical assistance (no financial assistance provided) to those researchers seeking the help of the ITF in the dispersal of questionnaires, surveys etc.

2. Publication Grants
This type of grant comes in the form of a financial contribution made to researchers wishing to pursue the translation of tennis-specific materials such as books and/or videos.  However, to be eligible for this type of assistance, the researcher must have organised for the publication of the material following its translation and approval by the ITF. No financial assistance will be provided to interested parties without this guarantee.

Research Grants Information