28 Nov 2017

Tanzania hosts ITF/OS Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Players Course

News Article

Tanzania CBI coaching course participants

It has been 7 years since the Tanzania Tennis Federation last hosted an ITF/ OS coaching course.

The Tanzanian Tennis Federation together with National Olympic Committee organized an ITF/OS Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Players course at the Gymkhana Club from November 13-24 2017.

A total number of 22 coaches from various regions attended the course, with Tanzania having 12 candidates, Kenya 6 coaches, Comoros 2 coaches and Zimbabwe 1 coach.

Many thanks go to Mr. Dennis Makoi, Chairman of the Tanzanian Tennis Federation, who was present during the entire course to ensure and oversee the smooth running of the event.

Participants, Veronica Njeri from Kenya and Brian Mallya from Tanzania, both expressed their gratitude to the ITF, OS and the Federation for giving them a chance to learn more about the game of tennis, and felt that they were now better equipped with the tools and knowledge in which to develop better players in the region.

The National Olympic Committee President Gulam Abdalla Rashid presided over the closing ceremony, he reiterated, the need for coaches to continue improving themselves by also attending workshops and refresher courses whenever possible.

He also emphasized during the closing ceremony the importance of training more coaches to help spread and improve the standards across the region.

Certificates of participation were awarded to all participants who attended the course.

George Oyoo

ITF Tutor