29 Nov 2017

2018 ITF Regional Coaches Conferences

News Article

Photo: Dave Zhi ZhongAsian Coaches Conference by BNP Paribas

Following the successful ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference by BNP Paribas in Bulgaria in October, ITF Coaching are looking ahead to 2018 and the return of the ITF Regional Coaches Conferences by BNP Paribas. 

The ITF Regional Coaches Conferences by BNP Paribas form a very important element of the ITF's Coach Education Programme. The events are organised in conjunction with the Regional Associations and are often supported by Olympic Solidarity. 

This year will see a new 3-day format adopted at all the regional conferences and will feature one day for Junior Tennis Initiative (JTI) coordinator training and one day for ITF Tutor training. In addition, the central theme across all the conferences will be linked to women's tennis topics. 

The events are open to coaches from each particular region. More information about the conferences will be announced in early 2018.