06 Mar 2018

Pakistan hosts ITF/OS Coaching Course

News Article

Tutor talking to participants on court

The ITF/Olympic Solidarity, in collaboration with the Pakistan Tennis Federation conducted a Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players course at the Pakistan Tennis Complex on 18 February - 1 March.

The course took place in Islamabad, voted one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. International tutor Suresh Menon, assisted by Kamran Khalil, the national tutor, both of whom are Coaching High Performance Players-certified, conducted the course - the first ITF/OS course in the last five years - while Asim Shafik, National Coaching Director and a Coaching High Performance Players-certified coach, coordinated the programme.

Thirty-two coaches participated in the Play Tennis course and 24 coaches participated in the Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players course.

Participants included a current Fed Cup player, Davis Cup players and former top National players. The participants spent twelve days learning to master all aspects of basic tennis coaching which included technique, tactics, psychology, fitness, analysis & improvement and communication skills.

Local official and white badge umpire Shezad Alvi was invited to present on his field of expertise during the course. The candidates conducted individual and group lessons with many junior players that train at the PTF complex.

The PTF went to great lengths to ensure that all the course participants were well looked after. All the participants, coaches and experts enjoyed an exhausting but rewarding 12 days on the intensive course.

PTF President Mr.Saleem Saifullah thanked the ITF and OS for their full support and praised their efforts in strengthening the Coach Education programme in Pakistan.