18 Sep 2012

Niger hold a Level 1 Coaches Course

News Article

Course tutor Michel Rissani, giving an on court demonstration

The Niger Tennis Association in conjunction with the Olympic and Sports Committee of Niger (COSNI) held a Level 1 Coaches course at the Seyni Kountché National Stadium in Niamey from 3 to 12 September.  This training course was made ​​possible by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) with the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through Olympic Solidarity (OS) and was conducted by Michel Rissani of Gabon.

During the first two days, twenty participants were introduced to the Play & Stay programme after which fifteen of these participants attended the Level 1 course.  Topics covered were: Knowing yourself as a coach, coaching beginner & intermediate players, tactics and technique, physical conditioning for beginner players, psychology for beginner and intermediate players amongst others.

" I thank the Federation, the National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports and ITF for organizing this Level 1 course here in Niamey. I also thank my friends who participated to help make this course very friendly and the expert who has shared his knowledge. We learned many things that will allow us to work well with young players",  said Garibou Seydou Soumana, one of participants.

During the closing ceremony, the Director of Sports, Mr Abdoulaye Mahamadou, thanked the initiators of this training course and Michel Rissani, who made the trip to Niamey to share with the coaches knowledge that will enable them to participate further in tennis. He urged the trained coaches to mentor as many young as they can in order to "demystify" tennis.  He also urged the Niger Tennis Association to create more conditions for these coaches so they can better express themselves. 

"It belongs to you, with the support of the Federation, to detect talents wherever they are," Abdoulaye Mahamadou told the coaches.  He further asked that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture remain attentive to the demands of the Niger Tennis Association, so as to make available the few resources that it can and he expressed the hope that tennis could also experience moments of glory as other sports.

The President of the Olympic and Sports Committee of Niger, Mamadou Talata Doula,  meanwhile indicated that one of the main missions of his institution is to assist regulators, ministries, and the state in their policy development and promotion of sport.  "That is why every time we can, for federations who have an annual or multi-annual plan, we try to offer our assistance to enable these sports to reach an appreciable level," added the president of COSNI. Finally, he expressed the wish that the trained coaches would make good use of the lessons they received during their training

ITF expert, Michel Rissani, sent words of thanks to the Niger Tennis Association, the COSNI and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for their support of tennis.  He asked the coaches to have perseverance and courage and give the best of themselves. "You always have the motivation and ambition to acquire new knowledge.  Give the kids who you coach your passion of tennis", he said.

Finally, the Chairman of the Niger Tennis Association, Ahmed Ousman Diallo, said that the lessons learned will allow coaches to help children in the promotion of tennis and he finished by thanking the ITF and all the institutions that made the holding of this Level 1 Coaches Course possible.