18 May 2012

OS Scholarship Course Valencia- Mid-term report

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OS Coaches vist Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy

We just finished our 3rd week of our Level 3 Coaches Course here in Valencia, Spain.
This week, aside from our regular visits to Tenis Val for on-court practice, and our weekly written tests and study, we were able to make a trip to visit four high-performance academies in Barcelona, and learn about the Spanish teaching methodology.

Since we arrived, we have learnt and experienced a lot of new things. On our first day when we arrived, we met with Mr. Merlin Van de Braam who told us about the setup and schedule that we were going to have- which was very well planned.

Early morning at Tennis Val AcademyOn the first day we visited Tennis Val, we had the opportunity to meet great coaches including the coach of some top national female players, Mr. Pancho Alvariño, and the coach of Marat Safin and Igor Andreev- plus many more who shared their experience and knowledge with us. In the academy, we are familiarizing ourselves with different and new aspects of coaching, like Spanish tactics- which was presented to us by Jose Altur.

The first afternoon after the academy, we met with Miguel Crespo at the ITF Valencia office, who met us very nicely and gave some more details about the course and theory parts.

Our third week is now over and we have completed Tactics, Biomechanics, and Psychology modules, and every Monday we go through the exams for each subject with guidance and assistance from Miguel Crespo.

We have also been provided the opportunity to observe world-class matches at the Barcelona Open and Madrid Open, where we saw many top players like Nadal, Ferrer, Andreev, Verdasco, Davydenko and Monfils etc. This was a great opportunity to witness tennis at the highest levels, and was a valuable learning experience.

On other excursions, we visited the Juan Carlos Ferrero tennis academy and we found it well organized and whilst there, we witnessed the practice sessions of top players, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Nicolas Almagro. We also had a chance to speak to Almagro's coach. Meanwhile, in Tennis Val we have been observing the training of David Ferrer and Igor Andreev, and also got the chance to speak to their coaches. They were open and shared their experiences regarding bringing their players up to this elite level, step by step.

Madrid OpenAside from tennis, some of us had the chance to see Europe for the first time and that was a great experience to understand more about different culture. We are all having a great time in Valencia and would like to thank all the people and organizations, especially Olympic Solidarity and the ITF, who have made it happen for us. At only the half-way point, we are sure that we are going to help the tennis industry in our countries once we accomplish our mission.