Tennis iCoach

Tennis coaching at the highest level

Tennis iCoach is the official coaching platform from the ITF. It is the world's premier coach education resource offering both practical information and tennis specific sport science content on technique, tactics, biomechanics, psychology, sports medicine and coaching methodology. Tennis iCoach is an invaluable learning tool for tennis parents, players and coaches. It offers a unique opportunity to optimise coaching knowledge and enhance your players’ development.

Tennis iCoach provides exclusive access to videos from ITF Worldwide and Regional Coaches Conferences where players, parents and coaches can learn about cutting edge developments in the game from the world’s top coaches and coach education experts.

Tennis enthusiasts can access hours of exclusive video and over 1,300 sequence photos featuring the best male & female players from multiple angles and tactical scenarios. Biomechanics experts analyse player strokes and outline the key features that enable world-class performance.

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